Board approves Chief to explore annexation.
2/08/12 Board approves Chief to begin talks with County Fire Chief about annexation.
Chief contacted LAFCO and advised them of Board approval.
Chief contacted County Fire Chief and advised him about Board approval.
Maps of proposed annexation area sent to LAFCO
Chief met with County Fire Chief at Station 17
Updated Municipal Service Review for Burney Fire submitted to LAFCO
 County Chief, Burney Chief, Battalion Chiefs 17 and 2411 met at Station 17. Station 10 Chief invited but did not attend. Talked about annexation
Community meeting at Station 10
Maps received and sent to county awaiting parcel information
County : information to be sent to Chief Barber based on map
Tax information on proposed annexation areas back, Chief Barber reviewing
Chief Barber recommended to his board that they not continue to pursue annexing Station 10 response area east of Hwy 229 that would include the fire station and equipment. He also recommended that they not consider annexing the wind mills. He did however say that he will continue to pursue annexing Goose Valley as designated on the map previously. as well as that area West of  Hwy 89 from from their current district line to Lake Britton. This would include Clark Creek and Burney Falls State Park. He will contact LAFCO and advise them of this next week. Chief Barber stated that there was not enough tax base in Station 10 area to support and maintain a better service then they currently get with out putting his current district is fiscal jeopardy. Chief Barber said that the wind mills should not be divided up between two fire departments so he decided to not pursue them. The areas that are continuing to be looked at make sense because they are already being serviced by Burney Fire or are closer and Burney Fire can provide a faster response.