Elmo’s Fire Safety games McGruff’s Safety Page Escape Rules for Fire Fireman Joe’s Awesome Adventure Game Help Firefighter Joe extingush all the hazards on the road The History of Fire Prevention Week Puzzles Smokey the Bear Educational Site Welcome to the Fire Zone online game Welephant’s Games Safe Firework fun Story The History of Fire Story U. S. Fire Administration Kid’s Page Sparky the Fire Dog Web Site Links to puzzles, coloring pages, and games all relating to fire safety for the younger set. Fire and Life Safety Inspections in Local Businesses The Burney Fire Protection District has adopted a program to improve our annual Fire and Life Safety Inspections at all commercial properties within the Fire District. The Board of Commissioners voted to adopt the 2007 California Fire Code in it’s entirety as of March 20, 2010. These inspections are designed to ensure that businesses and commercial occupancies are compliant with this Code. The Fire District considers Fire and Life Safety Inspections at these types of occupancies to be a benefit to the owners/operators, their tenants and guests, and are an important part of fire prevention. They not only protect life and property, but may also protect economic interests. By preventing or reducing losses, the community can help contain the cost of insurance and may help businesses avoid financial disasters stemming from fires. Download more  information on these inspections, and tips to help you pass these inspections  Adobe Reader download or Microsoft Word download IS YOUR NUMBER UP? If you have an emergency in your home or business, we can’t help you…if we can’t find you. When you call 911 to request assistance, a vital piece of information is your address. However, it is important that you have your numerical address visible so that emergency vehicles responding to your aid will be able to reach the scene in a timely manner. In most areas the numerical addresses for each building should be at least 3 inches in height and readily visible from the roadway. It is also very helpful if the numbers are reflective so they are visible at night. By posting your home or business numbers, you will be helping us help you without unnecessary delays.